Dos Cameos :)

Negro1 con fondo

Negron con fondo small 


This outfit asked for a little handmade touch so I added two of the cameo pins that I make out of polymer clay. They look antique and so sweet in person. These cameos always "talk to me" about new ways to be incorporated into my outfits. I can't wait to create new ones in 2010, I really want to experiment with different old-looking colors.

And this sweater! Oh! Pure perfection, I want to thank so much the designer that came out with this great design! I love all the little ruffles and details everywhere. How clever and flattering for the female figure. This sweater makes you feel like a princess.

Sweater: Anthropologie

Skirt: The J. Peterman Company

Under the skirt: My vintage petticoat

Shoes: Madden Girl


Winding Ruffle Boots

Botas linda 


I'm in love with my boots, they're so comfortable, practical and beautiful. My favorite part: the little ruffles :) They add a feminine touch that I highly appreciate. These boots were made in Brazil, a country that Bill and I cannot wait to visit one day. Thank you Brazil! I will see you in person one day. But in the mind time: Thank you Anthropologie for bringing a little bit of Brazil to us :)

Boots, polka-dot skirt and belt: Anthropologie

Tights and beret: Nordstrom

Sweater with ruffles on the front: Love Stitch

Sunglasses: Vintage

Location: Staircase to my studio

Black Jeans

Pantalon con fondo small

When I was a teenager I used to wear blue jeans a lot, then I stopped doing it and now I am wearing them again (skirts and dresses are my still favorite ;) These ones in particular are perfect, they're a little bit stretchy (sooo comfortable!) and the color is great. I love to wear them with this adorable linen jacket that Bill got for me a few years ago. I added the hat and the heels for a feminine touch :)

Do you wear blue jeans? If yes, how do you wear them? What's your favorite way? I would love to hear from you!


Jacket: Paul Smith

Shoes: Anthropologie

Striped t-shirt: Target

Hat: Vintage

A Romantic Sunset :)

Elsita sunsetsmall

Elsita and Bill small 

Sunset small 

Not too long ago Bill and I were lucky to attend a special party in Malibu. The location was a real paradise and we got to witness the most spectacular and romantic sunset ever. The light was so orange, it looked almost artificial. Then, the dinner was delicious and the champagne amazing. We both had a great time. I'm glad that I have these few pictures to share with you from that glorious day :)

Jacket: Max Studio

Mini skirt: Banana Republic


Tights and scarf: Nordstrom

Bag: Max&Co

Brooch: Found it on Etsy

Sunglasses: Vintage

Also,THANK YOU SO MUCH for your help regarding my previous post! I still need more points but from 4 votes that I had in the beginning I am now in 19. Yay!!! (Did you notice how this yellow neon color almost matches my scarf above? :o)



I'm participating in a photo contest launched by Tulle. I just had to send a picture of myself wearing something from Tulle. The winner will get a $ certificate to purchase Tulle clothing. I wish that I could win! Because I love Tulle so much! But if I don't win it's still lots of fun! 


PLEASE VOTE FOR MEeeeee! HERE is the link to the place. I think that you need to register in order to vote. Once you're there, you can click on the little circle above my picture to vote. I am the girl in this outfit. I have only 4 little votes right now but I will check it out later to see if the little number goes up. 

Yay!!! This game brings lots of colors into my life right now! I officially declare myself the queen of silly!

Have a wonderful day!

Elsita :)

Secret Agent

Black hat and red con fondo

Here there is some more drama inspired by the previous outfit. I played a little bit with the hat, wearing it in two different ways. 

Sombrero hat

This second hat style makes me want to run for President of the Charlie Chaplin  secret club of fans. Natalie found it sooo funny :) I thought that it was kind of cool to mix the masculinity of the hat with the feminine makeup.

Hat: Vintage

Shirt: Jezebell

Pants: The J. Peterman Company

Boots: Fluevog

Suspenders: Vintage

Bow: Thrifted

Thinking in Bright Yellow

Yellow top con fondo

I missed my little ruffle top for a while so I decided to wear it in a different way (compared to way I wore it here). I went for a mix of relaxed/dramatic look with lots of eyeliner and bright yellow beret. Color and makeup are the main accessories here. In the end the outfit is pretty simple and there is no jewelry at all as you can see.

Top: Love Stitch (They don't sell directly to the public online, only to resellers. I found this top at a tiny store here in lA.)

Pants: The J. Peterman Company

Boots: Fluevog

Beret: Nordstrom

Up in the Mountains

Mountains 1 copy

We spent our weekend up in the mountains with the kids  and we just had the best time. The weather was perfect. So beautiful that we decided not to drive at all. All we did was walk around and go everywhere by foot. 

This photo is courtesy of Natalie who discovered my Canon camera for the first time. She took a couple of great pictures so we decided to declare her our official family photographer. 

Almost everything that I am wearing here is from Anthopologie. I got the hat over there at a great hat store that we love, it is 100% wool felt and it looks a little bit like from the 70's.

(I will be back tomorrow with a completely different look :)

Bzzz Bzzz Bzzz

Yellow one bee only

I hear something...

Paper bees on fondo

About the outfit: it's just relaxed and casual, perfect for someone that's about to meet some paper bugs on her way to work or something like that :)I had so much fun creating these backgrounds with my little paper bees (they're a digital collage). It's like I was really in that place. Imagine how cool if I could create actual paper bees in that size. I'm sure that I can do it with the right kind of paper. I should try it one day.

Pants: Jones NY

Blouse: For Joseph

Boots: Fluevog

Embroidered bag: Anthropologie

Beret: Nordstrom

Necklace: Vintage

Socks: Target