My Weekend :)
Doubt, the Movie.

Life is a Mystery :)

Today I want to show you something so special made by a special girl. Let's take a look at the pictures bellow. 

Book copy 

Elizabeth just started her own blog and I am sooo happy that she did it!! When we start something new there is always a little bit of fear surrounding us. Fear to the unknown. But anytime that we decide to do something new we are opening a little door for us to the universe and that's one of the best things that we can do for ourselves. 

When I saw Elizabeth's book I fell in love with it because it is such a great representation of what life is. Life is like a book with many pages. We have the option to open that book and explore its pages and learn from them or we can just look at the closed book from the distance. 

By starting her own blog Elizabeth has opened a little door for herself to the world and I want to congratulate her for it! CONGRATULATIONS ELIZABETH!!! And enjoy the journey!!!

Elsita :)